Why I’ll Fight For You

Hermin Dowe, bankruptcy attorney for the San Francisco Bay Area

Much of my life’s journey has been spent supporting those who were suffering in one sense or another. Before becoming a bankruptcy attorney, I worked as a registered nurse in Southern California and saw many struggling with their health. The work was rewarding, but it was also very stressful. The tipping point came when caring for a patient who had their tongue surgically removed – by mistake! The hospital had switched lab test results with another patient, resulting in this terrible accident.

It was this tragedy that convinced me I had seen enough in my role as a nurse, but the need to help others was still strong. So I studied to become a bankruptcy attorney, and have since been caring for people’s financial needs around the San Francisco Bay Area for over two decades.

When you take me on as your guide through the bankruptcy maze, you get much more than a top bankruptcy attorney with a spotless track record. You get someone whose sole focus is YOU. Your story, your life, and your future are the reason we work to get you the best possible outcome you can imagine.

Why Hermin Is Your Best Guide Through Bankruptcy

Membership in the national organization for bankruptcy attorneys

I’m a member of the National Association of Consumer Bankruptcy Attorneys. As a result, I receive up-to-date information and attend workshops to keep my skills sharp. That means you’ll work with someone who is always on top of the shifting sands that bankruptcy law can be.

27 Years Helping People Through Bankruptcy

When you work with us, you’re bringing the experience of more than 25 years in bankruptcy law expertise onto your side, giving you the best possible chance to reclaim your life and finances.

Thousands of Delighted Customers

Over the decades, we’ve brought new hope and happiness to literally thousands of financially frustrated individuals, couples and families. You can read some of their stories

What our clients say

“Hermin Dowe gave us help and guidance when we needed it most. We were in a situation that nobody wants to be in and is very tricky to navigate, from day one we trusted and respected her knowledge to get us through the bankruptcy process and she did without issue. There are many requirements to get your case filed, prepping for your court date and seeing your case through to the end, Hermin had us absolutely prepared every step of the way and without her we would have been lost.” – John