Chapter 7 Bankruptcy

Are you considering bankruptcy because you are overwhelmed and are losing the battle with debt?

Perhaps you’ve suffered several setbacks in recent years from unemployment, illness, or divorce. Chapter 7 is the original form of “fresh-start” bankruptcy. However not everyone qualifies.

For example, if your income is above the California median, you probably can’t file Chapter 7. Your lawyer will need to apply a bankruptcy “means test” to find out if you qualify. If your income is too high or other factors makes you ineligible, you may be able to file Chapter 13 bankruptcy.

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There are a few types of debt that Chapter 7 Bankruptcy does not cancel:

-Liens on personal or real property (the debt will be canceled, but you don’t get to keep the security if you don’t pay for it).

-Most income taxes incurred in the last three years.

-All student loans, unless you qualify for a hardship discharge.

-Child support and spousal support or property settlements.

-Any money owed as a result of injuring or killing someone while you were operating a motor vehicle, vessel or aircraft under the influence of alcohol, drugs, or another substance.


We counsel many people who are interested in filing Chapter 7 Bankruptcy. Our goal is to help you make the right financial decision. Once we agree to work together we will work with you to determine if you are eligible for Chapter 7 bankruptcy and if it’s the best option.

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