Avoid Foreclosure

Often a foreclosure notice will trigger an interest in looking into bankruptcy. Filing for bankruptcy may provide a way to avoid foreclosure. This can be a particularly vexing decision as many of us are attached to our homes. However, whether this is a wise financial decision will depend on the current value of your home and your belief in the housing market’s recovery.

An experienced bankruptcy attorney can guide you through your foreclosure and bankruptcy options and give you an objective opinion based on the facts. Call 510-233-7700 today or email the office to set up a free consultation.

Filing for Bankruptcy Can Help You Keep Your Home and Sometimes Eliminates Second Mortgages

When you meet with Attorney Hermin Dowe she will recommend the best options for you based on your financial situation. Chapter 7 Bankruptcy or Chapter 13 Bankruptcy are the two options.

Chapter 7 Bankruptcy will temporarily help you avoid foreclosure. People use this found time to either find the money to catch up on the mortgage payments or find a new place to live.

Chapter 13 Bankruptcy will stop your foreclosure. You will be given a manageable payment plan and your debts will be reduced and/ or eliminated. Interestingly, your second mortgage can sometimes be eliminated or your past due mortgage payments rolled into your payment plan.

We’ve helped many hard-working people over the years avoid foreclosure and rebuild their financial health. Talk to bankruptcy attorney Hermin Dowe if you’d like to reduce or eliminate your credit card debt, medical bills or unsecured personal loans. Eliminating these bills will free up more cash to cover your mortgage.

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